Musician and choir conductor Talya Kirsch graduated from the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance in 1997, where she studied choral conducting with Aharon Harlap, and from the Levinsky College of Education, Tel Aviv, in 1993, where she studied music education and specialized in choral conducting with Rachel Kochavi-Leventer. Kirsch also studied the Kodaly method with Prof. Szabó and the Valborg Werbeck-Svärdström method for uncovering the natural voice

:Since 1992, Kirsch has founded and conducted a number of choirs, including

.Shiri Li, a women’s choir that performed Rachel and Naomi in Songs, an original work produced by Kirsch for the 2014 Jerusalem Arts Festival

Judaica Italiana, a choir that sings the music of the Jews of Italy and performed in the Dante Alighieri Society’s Lombardia Project in 2019 and in the international Limud Project in 2018

.The Ginot Ha’Ir choir and the children’s choir of the Maale Adumim Music School

Kirsch directs musical productions and projects with choirs in Jerusalem and beyond and takes part in musical community projects such as music therapy and groups with special needs

.Talya Kirsch has served as the conductor of the ​Cantabile ​Choir since September 2019