Naama earned Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in orchestral conducting (under Dr. Yevgeny Zirlin) and in voice (under Marina Levitt) from the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance. She earned a scholarship from the International Board of Governors that granted her further study of choral conducting( under Aharon Harlap) and composition (under Slava Ganelin). In 2002, Naama founded the Thalamus Quartet, a vocal quartet specializing in multi-genre a cappella singing. The quartet has performed at many events and venues. Her compositions were debuted at the Israel Festival, in collaboration with the Revolution Orchestra, at the Jerusalem Music Center. In 2014, as composer and actor, she took part in the play, “Her Story,” a Jerusalem Theatre Company production directed by Gabriella Lev. Since 2004, she has been a faculty member at the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance, and has been teaching music at Hebrew Union College (HUC) since 2009. Naama held the position of conductor of the Hallel Choir, the Oratorio Singers, the Singale Ensemble at the External Studies Institute of the Music Academy, and the Reed Band Ensemble of the Jerusalem Music Academy High School. Naama held the position of head conductor of the Jerusalem Oratorio Choir from 2015 to 2017. In September 2017, Naama began conducting the Hebrew University Choir. Since July 2014, she has served as the conductor of the Capellatte Choir of Oratorio