The Capellatte Choir was founded in 2006 by Shelly Berlinsky.
At the beginning it had a total of eight singers, but many others soon joined and today it has about thirty members. From the very start it has been a eye-catching combination of performers with a love of music and song who come from a wide variety of backgrounds- some have a great deal of experience in choral singing, while for others this has been their first experience and acquaintanceship with the world of music. A wide range of ages has also helped to create an unexpected potpourri with a lot of spice and joyfulness.
The repertoire consists primarily of madrigals from the late Renaissance, arrangements of Hebrew songs and Jewish melodies, and a combination of Gospel, jazz and folksongs.
In 2008 the ensemble participated in a production of the children’s opera “The Story of the Note Sol,” which was composed by Shaul Bustan. From 2007-2012 the choir performed under the aegis of the Gonenim Music Center; and in October 2012 it became a participating member of the Jerusalem Oratorio Choir.
From July 2014 Naama Nazarathy Gordon is the conductor of the Choir.
The choir is accompanied by pianist Tavor Gochman.