Comprised of about 30 non-professional singers, Bel Canto performs in churches in Jerusalem, at the Jerusalem International YMCA, at the Felicja Blumental Music Center in Tel Aviv, and more.
Bel Canto’s repertoire consists of a cappella works from the Renaissance and the Baroque, works from the Classical and Romantic periods, contemporary works, and artistic arrangements of Hebrew and international folk songs. The choir also performs works by Israeli composers, and in the last year performed the world premiere of Netta Alony’s work “Im titen li chelki,” to text by Lea Goldberg.
From 2015 until 2018 Salome Rebelo was the conductor of the Choir.
Mr.Assaf Bènraf  has served as musical director and conductor of the Choir since January 2019.
Bel Canto is accompanied by pianist Rina Shechter.