Rina Schechter

.Rina was born in Ukraine

She graduated from the Latvian Music Academy in Riga, where she studied piano with Prof. Valdis Yannisis and an organ with Prof. Larissa Bulava

She immigrated to Israel in 1991. She participated as a soloist and soloist at the Liturgica festivals and the Abu Gosh Festival, accompanied by choirs and soloists. She also made a series of recordings on Israel Radio

.She began working in the Jerusalem Oratorio Choir in 2014

At the same time she accompanies piano at the Ron Shulamit Conservatory in Jerusalem

Tavor Gochman

Tavor Gochman began his piano education when he was 7 years old, and later continued as Philip Lurie’s student at the Kiryat Tivon Conservatory. In 2013, he completed his B.Mus. degree in piano performance at Tel Aviv University under Profs. Michael Boguslavsky and Emanuel Krasovsky, as well as in organ under Prof. Alexander Gorin

Tavor has mastered a rich repertoire, including hundreds of solo and chamber works from a wide range of periods and styles, from Baroque to contemporary music, which he performs throughout Israel and abroad

Recently Tavor premiered two chamber operas for piano and singers by Aviram Freiberg based on S.Y. Agnon’s stories “Tehilla” and “The Lady and the Peddler”. In 2015 Tavor joined Octopus – The Israel Pianists Quartet, with whom he toured throughout Israel and Europe. In the field of vocal music, Tavor accompanies several singers and ensembles, including Reut Rivka, Yahli Toren, the women’s ensemble “Alma”, the Ihud Choir, and others. In the past, he has accompanied many choirs, including the Nona Youth Choir, Meggido Choir, and the choir of the Tel Aviv Music Academy

.He began working in the Jerusalem Oratorio Choir in 2019