Pianist Rina Schechter

.Rina was born in Ukraine

She graduated from the Latvian Music Academy in Riga, where she studied piano with Prof. Valdis Yannisis and an organ with Prof. Larissa Bulava

She immigrated to Israel in 1991. She participated as a soloist and soloist at the Liturgica festivals and the Abu Gosh Festival, accompanied by choirs and soloists. She also made a series of recordings on Israel Radio

.She began working in the Jerusalem Oratorio Choir in 2014

At the same time she accompanies piano at the Ron Shulamit Conservatory in Jerusalem

Pianist Marina Shaevich​ ​

.​Marina was born in St. Petersburg, where she studied both piano and music theory
In 2000 she made aliyah, and began to study at the Jerusalem Academy of Music under the direction of Prof. Yitzchak Katz and Dr. Irina Berkovich. In June 2004 she completed with distinction a B.A. in performance and teacher training; and in 2006 she completed her studies for a diploma in performance and coaching; her performance studies were directed by Prof. Eitan Globerson, and her coaching studies by Dr. Ido Ariel
In 2003, in the course of her studies, she established with her colleagues the “Ram” trio; the trio performed under the leadership of Mr. Roi Shiloach and appeared in many concerts until 2008. Since 2013 she has accompanied the “Ankor Choir”, and since 2014 she has worked as an accompanist at the ‘Jerusalem Conservatory Hassadna’ conservatory
She has participated in many master classes, under the direction of, among others, Prof. Boris Berman and Prof. Claude Frank
.She takes part in many projects and appears throughout the country and the world