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The Jerusalem Oratorio Choir is the largest choral enterprise in Israel, consisting of 130 amateur and professional singers. The organization was established in 1987 by the Jerusalem Foundation and the Culture Department of the Jerusalem Municipality, at the initiative of Mr. Yehuda Fikler, with the goal of promoting the culture of art singing in the city. Oratorio comprises five different choirs working under a single management. The choirs join together for cooperative ventures, as well as for an annual project which culminates in our traditional gala concert. Including both joint and individual activities, the choirs of Oratorio perform in about twenty concerts a year in Israel and abroad. The repertoire of the full Oratorio choir includes the masterworks of great composers from the Renaissance to today. The Jerusalem Oratorio Choir has appeared, and continues to appear, with the leading orchestras of Israel, including the Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra, the Israel Camerata Jerusalem Orchestra, the Raanana Sinfonietta, the Israel Chamber Orchestra, the Jerusalem Street Orchestra, the Ashdod Symphony Orchestra, and more. The choir has appeared at such important festivals as the Israel Festival, the Liturgica Festival, the Abu Ghosh Festival, the Jerusalem Arts Festival, and others

.In July 2017, the Chamber Choir of Oratorio Jerusalem took part in the 5th European Festival of Jewish Choral Music in St. Petersburg

In January 2018, Oratorio organized a series of workshops on “The Ever-Changing Voice”, under the direction of Donald Milton III from the U.S. Singers from other Jerusalem choirs were invited to participate, and the workshop earned enthusiastic praise

On 30.07.2018, the Oratorio Choir took part in the “Concert All in Blue” at Yad Vashem, marking the 75th anniversary of the liberation of the Kovno Ghetto. It was meant to recreate the clandestine concert performed by the Ghetto’s Jewish orchestra. The concert will be aired on Israeli television in the coming year

On 2.11.2018, more than 30 Oratorio singers participated—along with 2000 singers from around the world—in a huge performance in Berlin in honor of the 100th anniversary of the end of the First World War. There they performed the piece, “The Armed Man: A Mass for Peace”, composed by Sir Karl Jenkins and conducted by him. The performance was broadcast on television and communications networks throughout the world.

Oratorio is also engaged in the project, “Choir in the Community,” in which the small choirs appear in retirement homes, geriatric institutions, special education programs, community centers, and other community institutions. The goal of this program is to bring choral singing to those who cannot make it to performance halls and to strengthen their musical culture and education

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